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Case Management Architect, Robyn Schleihauf

Better processes. Consistent decisions.

Did your organization finally invest in a case management system and now you're not happy with the product?

Are you instructing a tech company on your case management software and still not getting what you need?

RS Legal helps organizations get the case management systems they need. Working with any tech company you may have engaged or helping you bring on the right one, RS Legal can help at any stage in the process.

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Legal Services

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Case Management Systems

Clients contact me when they're ready to have better data and better processes

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Providing sound advice to professional regulators and their committees, as well as other organizations that use Codes of Conduct or field complaints.

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Policy Review

The best way to save time, money and to prevent bad feelings is to have clear dispute resolution policies and codes of conduct. 

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About Robyn

Robyn Schleihauf is a lawyer and a writer based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Her practice is focused on assisting clients in making their processes efficient, effective, within their regulatory authority and sound from an administrative law perspective. 


Robyn is an associate professor at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University. She worked as a Pro Bono lawyer for the North Preston Land Pro Bono Initiative and was successful in assisting her clients to gain title to their land. Robyn has appeared on CBC news and in The Coast to speak on this issue. She has also guest lectured at her alma mater, Osgoode Hall Law School with respect to the Land Titles System in Nova Scotia.​

As a writer, Robyn's focus is on creative non-fiction, personal essays and opinion pieces. Her work has been published on and in The Coast. Robyn serves on the Board of Directors for Afterwords Literary Festival in Halifax.


Robyn is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School (2015), where she received the Cassels Brock & Blackwell Award for Professionalism and the Ian Scott Public Interest Internship Award. For her internship, she worked at a Community Legal Aid Clinic for the Baamseeda program, along with the Indigenous legal coordinator, providing legal assistance to Indigenous communities and individuals.​​

As Lawyer, Early Resolution at the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, Robyn used her strong organizational and prioritization skills to manage a heavy and complex workload effectively. Robyn remained committed to and focused on public protection while developing an accessible, culturally sensitive, professional and compassionate complaints process focused on transparency and accountability. Robyn’s writing style is clear, concise, empathetic, professional and always tailored to the particular audience. Because of her strong communication skills, Robyn was invited to engage in research and writing for other matters relating to professional responsibility, ethics and risk for conferences and various publications. When Robyn decided to change professional direction in July of 2020 and become self-employed, I applauded her decision, knowing that her skills and experience will be of great benefit to others.

Victoria Rees, former Director of Professional Responsibility, Nova Scotia Barristers' Society; current Counsel at Pink Larkin

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